Many families have found that one of their most useful tools was the information they gleaned from our outstanding College Planning Workshops. Find out what NO ONE is telling you! You cannot afford to miss one of our Free Events. We schedule these workshops in a limited size, reservation-only format, naturally with no obligation, to offer parents the best opportunity to fully grasp all the information that will be presented and learn about the current college process and the numerous planning strategies that are available to families. It’s possible to save thousands of dollars on your child’s college education, but the first step is attending a workshop to educate yourself and better understand what the process entails today! Our workshop reveals all and is aptly titled;

“So You Want To Send Your Kid To College”

Here Are Our Next Scheduled Workshops & Dates  

For the foreseeable future, all Workshops are being presented to interested parents via an “On-demand email link to a pre-recorded event.  If you would like to view one, just send an email request or give us a call, and we’ll gladly provide you with a link.

Be sure to check back here often for any future live scheduled Events.