Before meeting Todd I found the whole concept of college funding overwhelming and frankly, a shot in the dark at getting any assistance based on my situation. My main concern was whether or not I would be able to afford college. I was fearful as to whether or not I would need to tap 401K’s or go deep into debt to do so. I had pretty much relegated myself to the fact I wouldn’t qualify for funding. After attending the workshop, I felt like there was hope in potentially getting assistance with college funding as well as comfort in knowing there was someone who could help. I attended the workshop as an opportunity to see what ECFS had to offer. I left the workshop with a better understanding of college funding and the opportunity for a consultation. Taking Todd up on the consultation gave me a clear understanding of the details I needed to fully commit myself to this journey. It has helped me and my wife both understand more about the college funding process. It helped my son solidify his choice of major as well as which school he wanted to attend. It has given us another potential avenue toward financial freedom in the future. I feel the value I’m getting is extremely helpful. I started looking into this process when my son was a senior in High School. My only regret is that I didn’t hear or learn about this type of option when my son was in his junior year. An earlier start would have helped me be in an even better position for funding and further along in the financial freedom pursuit. I would absolutely recommend Todd’s services to anyone who wants to understand at a more detailed level various options of funding college beyond:

a. Assuming there’s no help available
b. Assuming there are no options you qualify for
c. Tapping 401K’s
d. Going deep into debt

There are options available and Todd takes the time to explain the options in detail. He’s honest and up front about whether or not he can help and he really wants to make sure you understand what he’s talking about. It’s refreshing to see someone as excited about college funding options as Todd is. If you don’t want to go through the process alone, Todd’s there to help every step of the way. I’m extremely thankful I took a chance on the ECFS seminar. My son is at the college of his choice, having a great time, and doing really well, while I have piece of mind knowing I won’t be broke at the end of his education. Incidentally, I’ve already recommended and continue to recommend Todd and his service to friends and co-workers.

Scott & Monica C. … Somers, CT

I highly recommend Todd Anthony and Emerald College Funding Solutions. They offer a wide range of services relevant to all aspects of college planning, from testing preparation, to application essays and interviews, to career assessment and planning. Even the weekly email “Tips” are quick and helpful information for parents and students. Most importantly for me, they take care of the cumbersome financial aid process involving filling out and submitting many forms, and making sure they’re complete and on-time, saving me a great deal of time and worry. Todd’s knowledgeable and courteous staff respond right away to my numerous and often last-minute nervous inquiries. If you give your taxes to an expert so you can go to sleep at night knowing your return is correct and you’re not overlooking any benefits, ECFS is your college planning expert insuring that your son or daughter places their very best foot forward when it comes to applying for college and financial aid. ECFS was key to our son’s “Early Decision” acceptance at his first-choice college and his generous financial aid award.”

Robert H. …Amherst, MA

We were rather discouraged having recently received the financial aid package from A* College. We didn’t seem to have many options available to us. We were concerned with saddling our daughter with unreasonable school debt; however, we didn’t want her to miss out on the opportunity to attend this prestigious college. We were impressed with the information ECFS had made available and the presentation Todd Anthony had given and decided to take advantage of the individual consultation offered. We were pleased with the complete services and individual attention ECFS and Todd provided. We feel that we were helped through the entire process from evaluation to decision-making and ECFS facilitated each step along the way. We were very pleased with the individualized attention we received. Besides the broad and extensive knowledge of financial planning and the college funding process, Todd has a unique approach which presents the information clearly and patiently without pressuring you.”
David & Kathleen S. ….South Deerfield, MA

“Before attending the College Funding Workshop offered by ECFS, both my wife and I felt very inept. Because of our investments crashing in 2008, we were concerned we would not have enough money to pay for college for our 3 children. Once we attended the workshop though, we felt more informed and relieved that we actually had a shot. By working with Todd at ECFS, we discovered that we could not only build our assets, but also develop a growth plan that would help us by providing assistance through the entire myriad of confusion associated with FAFSA and other Gov. Regulations. The value of services provided to us was immense and professional. Without hesitation we would recommend Todd and ECFS to other families. He is a professional and cordial person, easygoing and helpful!”

Ted & Judy M. …Agawam, MA

“The end of sophomore year arrived for my daughter and I knew the college process needed to begin. I was fine with the idea of researching and visiting colleges and universities that might appeal to my daughter, but the financial prospects from forms to costs seemed daunting to me. I attended Todd Anthony’s information session and decided that if ECFS could concentrate on assisting me with the FAFSA, college costs and payment related information, I could concentrate on my daughter’s academics, college choices, grants and scholarships. And so it came to be. ECFS has continuously assisted me in all the financial areas I hoped to relinquish, as well as, in specifics related to questions and concerns about anything to do with the college process– the colleges themselves, SAT/ACT tactics, college profiling and much more. This has allowed me to use my time more efficiently and to concentrate on assisting my daughter both as a senior and as a future college freshman. ECFS has assisted us in lightening the load in the challenges of the college process.”

Debra B. …Holyoke, MA

Our first contact with Emerald College Funding Solutions was at a free workshop which was held at our local public library. Having a high school junior at the time we thought it was about time to start planning for her college attendance. The workshop we attended opened our eyes to the incredible cost of a college education and the importance of developing an intelligent game play to meet these costs. Our concerns being, what would costs be at schools our daughter was interested in? And, how would we be able to meet these costs? At the time, we truly had no idea how we were going to finance college; it seemed like an impossible task for my wife and me. Working with Todd at ECFS helped us to develop an intelligent financial plan/solution to our college funding needs for our two daughters. This was a huge relief to my wife and myself as sending our girls to college has been a major goal of ours as parents. Todd’s services have been a tremendous value to our family as he has not only helped to provide a solution to our college funding needs – he also helped us with financial problems and solutions to these issues in other areas of our family budget as well. We would highly recommend ECFS as preparing a child for college and the associated costs of attending, which can be a daunting task for any parent. Todd has provided invaluable advice and helped us achieve something we simply did not believe possible before we worked with ECFS”.

Larry & Lisa R. … Agawam, MA

Before we met Todd and attended his college-funding workshop we were feeling anxious about having to go through the college process with our second child. We were looking for information and options regarding ways to help pay for her college education; she had just started her junior year of high school at the time. Our first child was a junior in college at the time so we had already been through the college process once with him. We were interested in finding out if there were things we could do better or different this time around. The workshop we attended was very informative and we were very interested in finding out more details about the services Todd had to offer. Todd was very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. It was very important to us to work with someone that we felt comfortable with and that would answer the many questions that we had. Todd took the time to make sure we really understood and were satisfied with the information being shared with us.

Working with ECFS made us feel more under control of the situation because we were explained our options. It forced us to be better organized with our financial information and with the steps we needed to follow to complete the college application process. Todd and the various CPN professionals we worked with were always available to answer all of our questions (and we had many!) and they did so in a very timely manner. Anytime we had a concern or question they were available to explain and/or find an answer for us. The CPN website is excellent. We were guided through every step of the college application process in a very organized way. Our daughter took advantage of many of the services that CPN offers. She participated in the Student Interview with CPN professionals; she watched many of the tutorials; she attended many of the webinars that were offered and she had professionals review her Activity Resume, College Essays and Common Application. We found the information sent via email (weekly tips, monthly newsletters and financial aid deadline reminders) extremely helpful and informative. We recommend all of the ECFS/CPN services because you have professionals available to you that help you to become better informed, more organized and all of this saves you time and puts you more in control of your situation.

Bill & Carol D. …Southampton, MA

My husband and I are planners and savers. We began to save for college from the day our first son was born. But then along came son number two and life got in the way. We hadn’t saved nearly what we had hoped by the time high school rolled around. That’s when we learned about ECFS and CPN. Together they helped us to navigate through the financial process and offered customized solutions to meet our needs. More importantly, the support they provided both my children during the college process was priceless…including SAT prep, essay and application review, scholarship reports, etc. ECFS and CPN…thank you!

Roger & Laurie A. …Meriden, CT