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The college funding process can be described as anything but simple, and making mistakes can be devastating to a family’s financial well being.  Sending children to college is one of the most important and expensive financial decisions a family will make, and whether sending just one or many, the cost can be staggering.  If you are here, most likely you have at least one child in high school, and you’re trying to get a handle on what you have to do in order to better understand what’s involved in the modern college process. You want to avoid making costly errors that could impact your student’s chances of getting accepted at schools they choose, and you’re concerned and fearful that the financial challenge you are facing could very easily leave you or your student with a huge amount of debt by the time it all ends. If you don’t have a solid plan in place to get all your children through college in a comfortable manner, you are not alone. In fact, you are now among the vast majority of parents who arrive late to the college planning process (kids are in high school), and now face the monstrous financial challenge of getting their children educated and not really knowing exactly what or how to accomplish the task most effectively. When we’re asked, “how do you help families maximize the process”?  The simple answer is, “one family at a time! There is no cookie-cutter approach to college funding, and it is not something that can be done in a vacuum. Each family has its’ own unique circumstances, and we work on a one-to-one basis with each of them to formulate the best course of action to take.  Our newest College Planning Service Program offers an affordable solution to empower families with vital, need-to-know historical information for colleges nationwide utilizing cutting-edge technology, the expertise of an experienced specialist, and the guidance families need in order to maximize their options and not overpay for college. Other Service Program options are available, but here’s a snapshot of our…  

     Basic Program 

      Student Services

  • Welcome, onboarding, and orientation session
  • One-on-one meeting with an academic advisor, including college list development
  • Private student and parent portals with access to Career Cruising and assessments
  • CPN Simplified—monthly, live master classes to assist at each stage of the admissions process
  • Resource library access, including college admissions road map and expert sessions videos
  • College admissions video library and College Knowledge podcast access
  • Chance of enrollment analysis to identify or confirm safety, target, and reach schools
  • Full access to the VIP Student Services help desk


      College Funding Services

  • Personalized EFC/SAI calculations for all methodologies. (How much do the colleges think you can afford)
  • Before shopping, determine how much your family can actually afford (Define your college budget)
  • Financial Aid award estimates for an unlimited number of schools (Currently 3500+ in the database)
  • Advanced & personalized school search with Instant Net Price calculators for every college 
  • Identify schools that are the most generous with financial aid. (Detailed, need-based, grants, & merit scholarship information)
  • Determine your true out-of-pocket cost at every school (So you can understand upfront what you’re getting into)
  • Identify colleges that will give the most FREE money (Regardless of income level)
  • Establish the funding Gap at your selected schools and show what paying for 4 years will cost (Including loans & repayments)
  • Access to private 8.2 billion private scholarship search tool
  • Personalized college funding solution for the best way for you to pay college costs
  • Discussion of Cost-efficient borrowing and cash flow strategies for college years and beyond

      Financial Aid Services

  • Professional preparation and submission of the FAFSA & CSS Profile (if applicable)
  • Verification and IDOC support
  • Comparative analysis of financial aid awards to determine if an appeal should be attempted  
  • Customized and personalized appeal letters prepared (if warranted)
  • Full access to VIP financial aid help desk
  • and more…..

We stay on top of federal rules and regulations that commonly change year after year so our clients won’t have to, and offer families the peace of mind they desire…from high school…to college graduation…and beyond!