ECFS was established in 2010 in an effort to provide guidance, direction, solutions, and peace of mind to families seeking professional assistance as they navigate the complexities of the college process.  To put it succinctly, we do everything possible to maximize your family situation, lower your out-of-pocket costs, and assist in getting all your children through college in a comfortable manner without you having to spend your life savings or drastically change your lifestyle to accomplish it.

Todd Anthony is one of the region’s leading College Planning specialists. He is an engaging speaker who passionately blends a mixture of passion, humor, real-life experience, and knowledge into his presentations. He is a proud member of Strategic Education Technologies, “S.E.T.”, a Nation-Wide Network of Professionals dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information and planning strategies for families with college-bound children, and partnered with the College Planning Network, “CPN”, a time-tested and highly effective College Admissions & Financial Aid Services Organization.


Message from Todd Anthony:

As the parent of two sons who successfully navigated through the process (Graduated in 4 years and not broke), I feel your pain!  Current statistics tell us this; the price tag for on-campus attendance at a four-year College or University can range anywhere from $26,000 to $80,000+ per year, the average family has more than one college-bound child, and 56% of all students enrolling at a four-year institution will take nearly six years to graduate!

As the cost of higher education continues to escalate, it is more urgent than ever for families to have a properly structured plan in place to ensure they identify and choose the “right fit” school, can manage the cost in a “comfortable” manner, and effectively utilize every available strategy for their specific family situation to ensure they don’t overpay. While it’s true that if you are willing to spend many hours of your time over many months reading publications and doing research, you could do this on your own. Of course, you can! Millions of families before you have and millions after you will do this themselves. The big question, however, is when it’s all said and done, how will you ever know that you made the “Right” decisions and didn’t overpay, or you utilized every available strategy to lower costs, or navigated the system well enough to take advantage of all options that were available to your family?  How could you know? The reality is “you don’t know what you don’t know… but with all due respect, in regard to the college process, we do”!  With a decision of this magnitude that can so dramatically affect you and your student’s future financial well-being, is it honestly something you want to attempt to “figure out” as you go, or perhaps, might a better option be to consider seeking professional guidance to ensure success?

We’re a leading resource for families in providing College Planning & Funding Solutions, and we’ve done our best to change the way parents approach the entire college dilemma. My personal belief is that most families are overpaying for college. The real crime is that most of them don’t know they are, but they are. Because of that, we offer family-specific consultation services that can help demystify the daunting task of “How do we identify the right fit schools for our student and household, maximize our college process, and not overpay? As you begin your journey know this…each and every part of the college process is a process in and of itself and making a mistake in any area can cost you dearly. We urge and invite you to learn as much as possible about the actual ins and outs or consider scheduling a meeting with us to shorten the study time needed to obtain a firm grip on what you need to know in order to be successful in your process.