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Recent studies show 53% of those who didn’t apply for financial aid would have qualified for assistance!  Is that true of families in your high school?  Is every family you are working with correctly completing financial aid forms?  If not, why not?  Statistics also tell us that @ 6 out of every 10 FAFSA forms gets submitted with some type of error or inconsistency.  In many cases they are forfeiting money they could have otherwise received and utilized to give them a real advantage at making college more affordable.  Here’s another question…Do parents think you are remiss in your duties NOT to offer them assistance with this as well as other critically important parts of their child’s educational process?  We know Financial Aid is only one of the many components that make up the process, and time constraints and work load limits what and how you can offer assistance.  If the answers to these questions trouble you, and you would like to explore an opportunity to offer a more complete educational experience to the families and students you serve, talk with us today.  We'd be honored to schedule and present our FREE workshop to the families of your college bound students.

Our goal is to partner with as many public and private high schools as possible in and around Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut to help educate families on how to make college more easliy affordable.  With many of our happy clients currently attending their schools, principals, guidance counselors, and PTSA board members have given us glowing reviews, and more and more local families are seeing the value of working with us, and the benefits we can provide.

Here are some comments we’ve received from recent workshop evaluation forms. These happy attendees come from real public, private, and home schools all over the Western MA & Northern CT area.

"Very good information about info. we need to know!"

Todd & Cherie P.,  Easthampton MA

"Touched on numerous strategies & topics!"

Andrew A., Ludlow, MA

"It gave me hope that there may be money out there for me!"

Cynthia M., East Longmeadow, MA

"Presentation hit on all my concerns!"

Brian C., Springfield, MA

"Presentation was great...Very informative!"

James & Maria M., Chicopee, MA

"Great Information...discussed critical information, timing etc.!"

Scott W., Somers CT

"Gave me the information I was looking for!"

Diane K., Westfield, MA

"Friendly, clear presentation with real compassion!"

Tim L., Windsor Locks, CT

"The discussion was fast and informative...the speaker was succinct and knowledgeable!"

Beatrice F., Longmeadow, MA

As an educator, you can expect the following benefits from working with ECFS:

* A higher rate of college bound seniors – especially those receiving financial aid!

* An increase in the number of students attending the top universities, while their parents pay the least amount possible in total costs – often times even  less than it would have cost

   to attend a local in-state college or university!

* Widespread appreciation from the students, parents (and even grandparents) who were worried about how they were going to pay for college.

* A knowledgeable resource to compliment the work you already do to prepare students for college, including programs for the most advantageous career path, evaluating best-fit colleges with the most generous financial aid  awards, and assistance with the college entrance process, including critiquing essays and resumes, prepping for interviews, etc.

* A fellow educator who is committed to supporting the community without creating a conflict of interest that often comes from bringing outside businesses into your organization.

* A financial partner who understands and supports your tremendous efforts to help provide a first class education even on a tight budget.

* The peace of mind knowing you are doing all you can to help the families entrusted to your care – even going beyond your area of expertise or ability to serve them in house.

* A stronger track record of success with your alumni achieving meaningful and profitable lives.

* And much more…


Contact us today and learn how we can assist the families of your high school students with their college planning process. It would be unfortunate for them to miss out on something this important, simply because the opportunity wasn’t made available to them.

Let’s partner together and start making a valuable difference to your students and families. You’ll have a measurable advantage over other high schools, and you’ll be sending off your students better prepared for the next level of their education!