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College Tuition Discounts

How To Attend College – At Less than the Sticker Price

Did you know that many colleges offer discounts to desirable students?

Here’s how to see if you qualify for a tuition break…

The first type of college tuition discount is fairly straightforward – and non-negotiable.
You get a discount for falling into a certain category. These differ by school, so it’s important to do your research. However, some common ones include the following:

  • College employees. It could be yourself, a spouse, a child – sometimes even a grandchild – whatever the connection, you may be entitled to a tuition break. Sometimes even a total tuition exemption.
  • State employees. If your parents work for the state in any capacity, you may be entitled to a tuition discount at state schools. These discounts vary across the country.
  • Alumni discounts. If your parents attended the school in question, you may be entitled to a discount. You also may be eligible for discounts should you choose to further your education after graduation. Stanford, for instance, gives a 20% discount to alumni who take post-grad classes. 
  • Sibling discounts. If you attend the same school as a brother or sister, you might be eligible for a discount. Seton Hall, for example, offers a 10% discount for siblings of students.
  • Employment discounts. Some schools have liason programs with local companies, which allow employees to take advantage of tuition discounts. 
  • Non-peak discounts. In an effort to beef up enrollment during summer terms, for example, you might find steep discounts on off-peak courses.
  • Non-tuition discounts. Student discounts are wide-spread, but some are more meaningful than others. For instance, Children’s World Learning Centers offer discounts for children of Johns Hopkins University Employees.

These are the most common types of tuition discounts – but they’re not the only ones.

Incentive Discounts

These are more based on supply and demand. Colleges may offer incentive discounts if your particular state is under-represented… or they may be based on race, or even gender.

These are highly negotiable, and highly desirable. But be wary — This type of discount is often called an entrance scholarship. And, as the name implies, it often only applies to the first year of college. Make sure you know whether you’re receiving a permanent break to attend your college of choice – or if this is a one-off payment.

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