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Your Strictly Confidential, Personal Privacy Policy Guarantee From Emerald College Funding Solutions.


No one cares more about your privacy, honors your confidentiality and values your trust more than we do at the Emerald College Funding Solutions. Because communicating with you requires that we have your personal contact information...we have an absolute, strict, guaranteed confidentiality policy.

We will not release any of your personal information to anyone PERIOD. We guarantee you that we will never sell, rent, give, trade or otherwise provide anything you tell us to any person or company that is not part of our own enterprise.

We will never provide your email address or contact information to any outside party. The only way your email address will be used is for us to contact you for any number of various reasons. We will use your email address to send newsletters, share college tips, respond to your questions or notify you about important additions to our services. Of course, if you wish to have us stop contacting you via your email address, you can tell us (instructions on how to have us discontinue contacting you are included in EVERY email message we send you), and within 24 hours, your email address will be deleted and disappear from our computer forever.

We understand your privacy and will always honor your wishes immediately, with no hassles. The last thing on earth we would ever do would be to break your trust in us, whether you ever become a client or not. Trust is the most important asset we have, and we would not do anything that would harm the trust you have in us. Our integrity as a company depends on it!

So rest assured that your private information is protected, safeguarded and will stay right here with us! We hope this makes sense to you, and if you have any questions please email or call us at anytime!

Thank you for your trust and confidence. We are going to earn it from you by protecting your information with the same energy we protect our own information. We know it cannot be any other way.